Original music composed, arranged and performed by 

Edward Depass Hamilton, Jr  

Videos created by Doris Hamilton 

Over the years jazz has evolved, and become a genre of music which is not easy to categorize simply as just jazz.

My music is strongly rooted in jazz, however I believe it can best be categorized as jazz fusion, for it is in essence, a fusion of jazz, classical, pop, and movie music.  Light jazz, new age and easy listening are the genres most generally associated with my music.

Since I can remember I’ve loved the movies, especially those depicting romantic, heroic and epic tales of a great adventure. I was equally captivated by the music, that is so instrumental in the telling of the story. This love affair aroused within me a spirit of romanticism, that has resulted in my writing programmatic music.  

Over the ages, artists, thinkers and explorers have spent their lives capturing a world filled with wonderment and beauty.

Beautiful Music Videos is our attempt to share with you some of the world's wonders and endless beauty.